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A new chapter ~ the story behind our new rehabilitation gym

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

Jayne and Andrew Hungerford started Nouvita four years ago with the dream to see our local community increase accessibility, equity, and inclusivity for people living with a disability.

We have worked closely and listened to our client’s needs over this time and have uplifted hundreds of local clients to achieve their goals by providing quality allied health services. Despite the challenges we all faced during the pandemic, our team has grown to have over a dozen experienced clinicians with expanded services to meet the growing needs of our community.

We have been working on the next chapter for our clients and services with our passionate team.

We are pleased to introduce Levaro Allied Health at Bennetts Green.

Conveniently located in Bennetts Green, Lake Macquarie, and Newcastle’s largest accessible gym will have the latest neurorehabilitation technology in a fully airconditioned facility, including:

  • Lite gait (Gait training technology)

  • Moto med (Motorised movement therapy cycle)

  • FES (Functional electrostimulation)

  • Tilt tables and hoists are available for standing support

  • Private clinical treatment rooms for individualised therapy.

  • Wheelchair-accessible and adaptive gym equipment and weight training programs are available in a supported environment.

The new Levaro adaptive gym will have five specialty rehabilitation zones to benefit the individual needs of our clients.

1. Strength Zone ( Build your strength and muscle tone to increase function)

2. Balance Zone ( Improve balance and coordination)

3. Gait Zone (Walking retraining to get you back on your feet)

4. Stretch Zone (Clinical pilates and stretching)

5. Neuro zone (Promote neuroplasticity and recovery with therapeutic technology)

Our experienced Neurological clinicians have experience using this equipment to maximise our client's outcomes. We are ready to assist with confidently moving towards fulfilling goals.


The new facility has been well designed, with eight disability parking spaces available.

There is an accessible bathroom on the ground floor of our facility.

We look forward to welcoming our community to our new space in May 2023.

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