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What does Levaro mean?

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

Levaro is latin - meaning to uplift and elevate.

Why change business names?

At the beginning of 2022, we asked our clients and team what they would like to see exist in the future from our service. They told us that they would love a purpose-built rehabilitation gym to with the latest technology to see more positive outcomes.

With this clarity and fresh vision for the future we felt that our business needed a new name that matched our big dreams for our new space.

Our mission

We are a team that believes all people deserve an equitable opportunity to participate in life.

We exist to uplift and empower our clients to take on this opportunity.

New Branding - Levaro

Our management team deeply considered many new business names to find an original name that matched our vision, mission and purpose as a team.

Levaro was chosen for its meaning Levaro is latin - meaning to uplift and elevate.

The logo has been designed to represent the diversity of clients that we walk beside including clients that are looking to improve their mobility with equipment as well as therapies to support them in achieving their goals.

The icon was chosen to match Levaro's meaning to uplift and elevate with the shape designed to lift the eyes upwards and demonstrate the positive movement and elevation we would like people to experience in their health journey.

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