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Stroke Rehabilitation 

The impact of a stroke can vary, affecting an individual's speech, mobility, balance, strength, and coordination, often leaving them facing significant cognitive and physical challenges. It is for this reason that our stroke rehabilitation programs involve a heavily integrated approach. To ensure effective stroke rehabilitation, our speech therapists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, and other allied health professionals work together to provide comprehensive care and support.


What is Stroke Rehabilitation?

Stroke rehabilitation is a comprehensive multidisciplinary approach aimed at helping individuals recover and regain their independence after a stroke. A stroke can have a profound impact on various aspects of a person's life, including their physical, cognitive, and emotional functions. At Levaro, our stroke rehabilitation addresses these challenges through a coordinated effort involving multiple disciplines, with a significant focus on three key components:

Speech Therapy - Our team of speech therapists focus on helping stroke survivors regain their ability to communicate and swallow safely and effectively through personalised assessments, targeted rehab, and ongoing support.

Occupational Therapy - Our occupational therapists focus on helping stroke survivors regain independence by addressing difficulties they face in completing daily activities such as dressing, bathing, cooking, and household chores.
Physiotherapy - Our physiotherapists help stroke survivors regain their mobility and independence through personalised assessments, exercise programs, neuromuscular re-education, and task-specific training.

What is Involved in Physiotherapy for Stroke Rehabilitation?

Physiotherapy is a cornerstone of stroke rehabilitation, playing a monumental role in helping individuals regain their mobility, strength, and independence. Through tailored exercise programs, neuromuscular re-education, and task-specific training, our team of physios aim to empower stroke survivors to relearn and rebuild essential motor skills.

Gait and Mobility Training

Regaining the ability to walk independently again is often the number one priority for individuals who have had a stroke. At Levaro, our physio programs for stroke rehabilitation include treadmill training and balance exercises. Mobility aids (canes, walkers, etc) are also recommended based on the client's unique needs and goals. Our aim is to empower stroke survivors to regain their mobility and independence.

Range of Motion Exercises

Range of motion exercises are designed to address limitations in joint flexibility and muscle tightness following a stroke. With our stroke rehabilitation plans, both passive and active exercises are used to improve the patient's ability to move their limbs more freely.

Recovery of Arm Function

In many cases of stroke, individuals can lose function or control of their arm. Recovery from a stroke in terms of regaining control of the arm is based on brain neuroplasticity, where patients undertake repetitive task-specific training to develop muscle memory and rebuild those crucial neural pathways.


Balance and Coordination Training

Changes in balance and coordination post-stroke are common. Our tailored plans include exercises aimed at enhancing balance, such as weight shifting and challenging positions, and coordination exercises to improve fine motor skills. Our aim is to increase stability, prevent falls, and enable patients to move more independently.

Spasticity Management

Muscle spasticity is a common condition that can occur after a stroke that involves the involuntary tightening or contraction of muscles, making ordinary tasks difficult to complete. Whilst typically managed through shots of the botulinum toxin, muscle spasticity can also be addressed through other modalities such as stretching and range of movement exercises, as well as splints and braces.

Strength Training

Strengthening exercises are usually included for all muscle groups, particularly those significantly weakened by a stroke, such as in the arms or legs. This can involve resistance training or endurance exercises designed to increase muscle strength and the client’s stamina.

Integrated Parkinson's Physiotherapy


At Levaro, we understand that the impact of a stroke can be a scary, life-changing experience, affecting various aspects of an individual's life, from mobility and speech to physical and emotional well-being. That is why, at Levaro, we take an integrated approach to stroke rehabilitation that brings together a diverse team of healthcare specialists dedicated to supporting every aspect of an individual's recovery. We understand that stroke rehabilitation is a complex journey, and we are here to provide the comprehensive care and support that each individual deserves.

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