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Speech Pathology in Newcastle

Speech therapist and client having a therapy session

Speech Pathology

Our Speech Pathology team provides assessment and intervention for adult clients experiencing any challenge related to their communication skills and swallowing food or drink.


Contact us for further details on these services:

  • Voice training and speech improvement

  • Rehabilitation following a stroke or acquired brain injury

  • Neurological impairment conditions affecting language

  • Dysphagia - swallowing difficulties 

  • Dyspraxia - coordinating mouth movements for clear speech

  • Dysarthria - muscle strength-related causing unclear speech 

  • Accent modification

  • Stuttering

  • Other communication difficulties​

Communication therapy

Supporting clients to achieve their communication goals.

Providing customised treatment plans and therapies for healthy communications. 

Assistive technology

Providing recommendations for implementing assistive technology to assist clients in achieving their goals.

Swallowing and mealtime management

Supporting clients to develop effective and safe mealtime routines. 

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